update on Buddy's health
I'm sorry I haven't posted here more often -- I keep waiting for definite news, and I keep not getting it. Things are not going badly, but we're not getting the clear-cut "all's well" that we were expecting.

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VDIC cat cams
Buddy is back in for his second radiation treatment this week, and again, the cat cams are at least sporadically available. You're best bets are Cam 1 or Cam 4.

Update on Buddy's Health, redux
I just wanted to keep all of you in the loop about what's going on with Buddy.

As many of you know, the first treatment wasn't fully successful. When we took him back in for his re-check two weeks after the treatment, his thyroid levels were still too high, and he'd lost more weight (because we hadn't been giving him any of the thyroid medicine).

So we put him back on the thyroid medicine and have made a full-time job out of the "feed the cat" game while we waited until we could schedule him for a second treatment. He had a bit of a cold last weekend, so the vet gave him antibiotics as a preventative, and we have been babying him like the beloved fluffy lump that he is.

Well, we have good news! He is scheduled to be re-treated on Tuesday, and a quick weight check today found out that he has re-gained about 8 ounces of the weight he lost. So we are beating the weight loss, and his prognosis looks good. The second treatment is as a higher level of radiation, and we have been assured that it is likely to work. *crosses fingers*

Any kind thoughts you could push in his direction this coming week would be greatly appreciated!

On a separate note, I still owe yarn to two people from the auctions. I have not forgotten, and I *will* get them done, but I am obviously going to be much later getting them out than I originally imagined. I apologize, and I hope you'll be patient with me!

update on Buddy's health
Normally after radioiodine treatment, you're supposed to schedule a re-check of thyroid levels in 5-6 weeks. But Buddy looked like he was still losing weight, so we took him back in today.

He has lost another pound this month, and his thyroid is still larger than it should be.

*takes a deep breath*

We won't have the thyroid test results back until tomorrow. I am hoping that his levels will at least be less than they were before the treatment, which will make it easier on his system for us to medicate him until he can be re-treated. The radioiodine clinic says that some cats do need a second treatment, and they don't charge for a second one.

With luck, it will just be a matter of feeding him up until we can schedule a second treatment. I'm worried, but Buddy himself seems to be in good spirits. So we're waiting to see what his levels are, and we'll go from there.

We will keep you posted as we get more news.

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Buddy is home!
Just a quick note to let everyone know that Buddy is back home with us, safe and sound and not glowing at all. He goes back in for thyroid tests in a few weeks just to verify that everything went all right, but for the meantime -- he's home!!!

Thank you all for your help!

Today's email from VDIC
Hello again…

Buddy is still doing great and I still really LOVE him! He is simply dying for affection and I’m sure he can’t wait to get home tomorrow. Looks like we have you scheduled to pick him up around 4;30pm, if that needs to change for any reason, just let me know – otherwise, see you then.

That's Buddy for you! When we got him, he had been staying at the vet's office with an injury, and whenever someone came by his kennel he would beg for attention and try to entice them into picking him up. When they did, he would wrap his front paws around their neck, hold on tight, and purr just as hard as he could.

We were just there to visit a friend who was working as a vet tech, but as soon as Buddy latched onto John, we had a new cat. (*I* was actually smart enough not to be talked into holding a cat who was in need of a home, but that purr knocked me over at five feet.)

Email update from VDIC
I figured I'd post these as I get them -- they're short, so I won't spam your flist too badly.

Good morning,

This is quite a cat you have, I have really become attached to him in this short amount of time! Last night he was the only cat of the 5 that did not hiss at me… thanks Buddy! He is eating and drinking very well and using his litter pan. He did make a little mess of his towel over night so I gave him a VERY soft, fresh bed this morning, which he climbed right into and enjoyed his greenie treats in (treats in bed J). I also have to mention that I think his purr is one of the best I have heard! Enjoy your day, I’ll email you tomorrow with another update.

Sara Hunt | VDIC Veterinary Technician | IDEXX Laboratories, Inc

Cat cam!
We delivered Buddy into the capable hands of the vet tech at VDIC this morning. During business hours, they have cat cams for viewing the patients, and I thought I'd put up the link in case anyone wants to see the cats.

I warn you, though, this is less a cat of a cat video than a badly animated low-res cat flip-book. At it's best, today, I was getting still images every six seconds. But I saw Buddy eating a couple of times when I checked in, though he was mostly sleeping in the back of his kennel.

The various cat cams are here; you can see Buddy in Cam 1 and Cam 4. (Right now, they seem to be stuck at 5:30 this evening; I assume they turned them off for the evening after that.) ETA: Cam 1 is still working as of 9:10 PST.

Auction wrangling
Brand of Amber - Cosplay
Spreadsheets! Spreadsheets! Spreadsheets! So far I have identified donations in my inbox for these items:

Latex skirt
2 fanfics
Romney roving
Bamboo roving
Knit hat

These items have been tagged "confirmed paid." But there are several more donations that were unmarked.

If you've sent a donation in connection with another item, please email me or respond to this post with your Paypal email address or some other identifying feature and the amount and item concerned.

If you're a seller and have received a donation receipt for an item other than above, please forward it to me so I can connect the paypal payment with the item in question.

Thanks a bunch!

General info
For most of these auctions, bidders, if you have sent in your donation, ask the seller for their email and forward them the Paypal receipt.

I am going to compile a spreadsheet with fulfilled bids once I am feeling less doofy (so, Saturday at the latest.) At the moment, training for how to lead student workshops is stealin' my brain cells.


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